Loving You

At times, for no apparent reason, I feel so burdened with love and concern for you whom I love. I desire with all my heart for you to be deeply and passionately in love with our Lord and Saviour, Who shows us such love: a love that will NEVER fail us or reject us.
I AM LOVED! There are no words to express the depths of security we have in Him! I can trust Him totally! No exceptions.
Anyone else will fail me at some time; hurt and grieve me. Some will do it unintentionally, others purposely.
Because of my own emotions and actions, I will grieve my Lord. He will NEVER grieve me.

Tonight I will go to my bed praying for you. In this crazy and evil world we live in, I yearn for you, also, to have this security. It isn’t a security that says all will go the way we want. Rather, it is the knowledge that even when evil hits us in the face, His arms are around us, supporting us. When our tears are falling He gathers them up and places them in bottles: our tears are precious to Him!

He promises us that He will take ALL things and work them for our good.. . . and HE KEEPS HIS WORD!
You and I are LOVED.  May we walk in that love, is my prayer.


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