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Fri 7 pm. Sprawled in big chair w/ottoman & writing this .. Totally relaxed (thanks to a med that is working VERY well. :o ) – and God’s goodness.

Tuesday aft I was startled by a dizzy spell and sharp pain in my right temple. Laid down and rested.

Wed noon we went with Alone (one of our "kids") to a restaurant for lunch. As we walked in, Dizziness or almost fainting – not sure. (I don’t faint hehe) Grabbed a table top, then got to our table and sat down w/no one perceiving. Left me off balance — got back to friends’apt and started calling friends to find a neurologist.

Several suggested: one could see me in 3 weeks. A friend talking to a friend who talked to the dr: I got in to see her at 11 a.m. next day (yesterday) Really like her. She ordered MRI of neck (4 herniated discs that create an almost constant pain) and head. Wagner (young man whom I’ve grown to love) took me to lab and we were able to get exams marked for last night! Couldn’t believe it!

Back to apt – discovered Joe had gone for a walk and not yet back. Not good! these sidewalks demand constant attention to not trip and fall. He got back. He’d fallen.

Insisted he was all right!

Late lunch and rest – then realization I was on absolute fast for three house before exam. :) marked for 8 pm.

General conference: Consensus. Wagner takes me to exams. Andréa & Analice take Joe to emergency at nearby hospital for check up on ribs and hand.

We all left in different directions.

I was out of exams about 9:30 – in that VERY noisy machine! Mercy! this machine must be an older model… if I had a problem, there was a ball in my hands to squeeze, I could NOT swallow saliva (I then understood why no water :) 20 min for my neck…. 20 min for my head (and there was a difference in some of the noises)… then another 10 min after giving me a contrast! I was GLAD to be out! Had a lot of conversation with my Lord while in there!

Wagner and I get to the Hospital emergency about 9:45. That was another soap opera! Only one person allowed with Joe – tight control! Analice was with him – they wouldn’t let me in. After about 30 min, Analicés husand (who had also arrived) managed the trade (not sure how he did it!) We were in the room where they applied casts. Joe waiting to know outcome of his xrays – and we waited, and waited. People in and out. A young woman hurt in a motorcycle accident – I wanted to wring the guy’s neck who was with her: he was so casual about the whole thing and she was laying on a gurney with a neck support brace and hurting! -

Finally, around 11:15 the doctor finished his other patients, read the xrays.,.. nothing broken. But we have to go to the surgery doctors for a release . I thought we’d be right out. WRONG!

Waiting for us "outside" were Analice and her husband (who’d refused to leave), Wagner (he’d taken Andrea to apt for she has a 4 month old baby – a little doll), then he’d returned.

We waited and waited. Finally I discovered we were waiting for blood exam reports: Since Joe is on a blood thinner they HAD to know what the level was before releasing him. (the report could take another 2 hours to be ready!) … I told the dr we know what it was: just gotten an exam the day before! "Well, if you want to get signed out assuming responsibility …." Did we????? Just then, Analice walks up ( don’t know HOW she got back in. kkkk) Dr explained to her, she started pushing wheelchair to where we needed to go, I’m dragging behind. She gets us to right person, gives me paper to fill out, they ok it – and we are FREE!!!

Wagner gets the car and we all pile in: Analice, Julio, Joe and I. Wagner and Julio leave us at apt at midnite, and they go to get some meds Joe and I need. (all pharmacies are closed. …so they had to hunt.)

Salad and fruit on table: Joe and I eat. SO tired. Lots of conversation and laughing. We head for showers and bed, Analice and Julio and Wagner head to homes. Bed at 1 a.m.

I suddenly had diarrhea (WHERE did that come from???) Had it under control by 5 a.m. Crawled into bed, thankfully – and SLEPT..

Remember those little pills the dr prescribed? they are dynamite! I’ve been relaxed ALL day, on computer very little.

oh – results of MRI’s? I won’t know all the details until see dr on 24th. But the tech told Wagner NO tumors or SERIOUS problems… just things caused by age (who’s old? I’m still young! My 79th birthday isn’t until the 28th of this month!)

She was sure the dr would have some instructions for me. (I’m sure, too)

Now – THAT was long. If you had the persistence to finish, Congratulations!

God was in ALL of this – and still is. SO thankful!

Now, leaving the computer before they take it away from me again… hehe I get it for short periods… going to fix us a snack.

Bless EACH one of you – and may you see God working in your life as we see Him working in ours!

love you!

image         Voni

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