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The Walk

the walk

No questions! Life is a challenge. It is not fair – and the sooner we accept that fact, the happier we will be. We have moments of joy. We have moments of sorrow. At times we feel like we're on a roller coaster without a way to get off. However – in the midst of it all – we can learn how to walk in peace, even in the midst of tears.

I didn't say it is easy: I do say that it is possible. How do I know? because I've learned. Through the trials and tears, I experienced unexpected moments of Joy and Peace. I discovered I am never alone! I may appear to have no reason for hope? ALL of that is an optical illusion!

For the Author of Hope, Love, Joy and Peace is holding my hand – and teaches me His realities. And He is reaching out to hold yours. In the midst of this crazy, violent world that is going out of control you and I can walk in sanity and truth.

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