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Soaring on the Wind


I watch the birds in the sky, free, soaring on the winds... and I long to be with them. But I am still anchored to this earth... Gravity controls my body, holding it down. So does life.

However, they don’t control my mind and spirit. I am free to fly! To soar, turn cartwheels in the wind, walk on the clouds. My spirit is free to roam through the galaxies, holding the hand of my Lord, worshipping my God!

The posts in this blog are of a journey: a difficult journey, and some of the things God taught me about Soaring in the Wind. I'm still working on this story. The posts will gradually go up. Eventually, it may turn into a book.

Please send me comments and/or questions. I can share with you on a more personal basis. I also can learn from you, and include more aspects in these posts than I have written thus far.

We may go through phases in our lives where we feel more like turkeys, our wings useless. But the principles God (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) teaches us frees our wings so we can Soar on the Wind.

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