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How to strengthen our hands and hearts 05/20/2011

How can we from wherever we are, strengthen each other, even when separated by thousands of miles?

1- PRAY pray from little short prayers to intense prayers of intercession. We all need these! -God blesses with teaching opportunities, far beyond anything we dreamed. . . and in ways we never imagined. We need to be alert and aware of the needs of those around us, and constantly ask God for His wisdom and discernment. -Awareness that as finances crunch more and more, we as families and friends may need to start living together. After all, our lovely homes in heaven are being prepared for us and that won't be in the too far distant future . . . so we can crunch up a little more here on earth than we have in the past, right?

2- MONEY MANAGEMENT . . a constant challenge in today's fluctuating economies. Each of us need to be studying God’s Word for wisdom as we walk through the minefields of uncertain economies, the dollar losing value (which hits hard anyone living outside the US and dependent upon US $ ), while living costs are steadily increasing. We need to be find ways to make the finances stretch. . . always alert. We are researching and hope to create a page of links that may be useful to some.

b) DONATIONS to help us . . . donations

Click on this link for Portland Foursquare (great teaching w/online messages if you want to listen to them) Enroll in the login. Then log in.. once your are in, diminish that window. Click on ministries. We are Brazil Missions. Complete, following instructions. Any questions? Send us a note on Contact Us with your phone number. We’ll call you.

When the Lord uses you to bless our ministry outreach in Brasil, (or any other work of His, ) He also always blesses all involved!. His Kingdom's economy is much better than ours! We also continue to challenge you to move out of your comfort zone; whether it is helping your neighbor across the street, reaching out to our troops, going to another country to share His Good News, helping the homeless, those in prisons, the hurting. . . the ways of serving our Lord are endless. Remember, nothing is greater than the adventure of walking with our Lord as He leads us, step by step. T THAT is enough for now! the electricity went off and the computer battery is running out. hehe ... so I'll quit! May we always remember to PRAY pray --for each other, for those God is using each of us to touch, and for yours and our extended families all over the world.

We love you, much!


Joe & Voni

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